Server-Side Swift with Vapor

I recently took the server-side Swift framework Vapor for a spin and want to share the experience! I will show you how to build your first server written in Swift and ready for deployment!

Objective-C Blocks

Blocks are commonly used for asynchronous programming in Obective-C. While it is easy to start using them, understanding their nuances is more complicated. This post will explain why and how blocks are typically used!

SceneKit Tutorial

With iOS 8, Apple released a fantastic framework - SceneKit - that makes it simple to setup a 3D scene in a matter of minutes.

I am going to walk through the setup of a simple scene to show the power of this framework.

You can find my completed example code at my Github repo.

Javascript Pseudo-Classical Subclassing

Although Javascript does not include support for classes, there are Constructor patterns that allow us to achieve the same outcome. This post will discuss the optimal pattern for instantiating a class AND subclasses.

Javascript Design Patterns

I recently spent time refreshing myself on some software design patterns. I was specifically interested in how they should be applied using Javascript.

Terminal Bash Command Line & Colors

Software developers spend a significant amount of time in Terminal (i.e. file systeming, giting, bash scripting).

The default mostly-white wall of text can be hard on the eyes and actually kind of difficult to read. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could more clearly view the terminal logs?

YES, so let’s make some changes that will increase producitivity and asthetics at the same time!

Storing Images In Firebase

I spent the last day adding an image capture feature to a project - Watchlier.

We picked Firebase in order to offload work from our own server. We also just wanted to check out Firebase after hearing so many good things about its ease of use!

I’m happy to report that getting up and running with Firebase is very fast and straight-forward! Head over to Firebase and start a new account. They will provide you with a database for storing your information.

Bookshelf.js Javascript ORM and SQL

On a recent project - - my team designed a site with a SQL database.

Instead of writing SQL queries, we chose to interface with MySQL through a developer-friendly framework named Bookshelf.js. Bookshelf is an object-relational mapping (ORM) framework that allows you to use object-oriented language to access a relational database.

ExpressJS Session Tutorial

On a recent project - - I needed to design a server that could authenticate a user and identify them later through cookies. The following is a tutorial on how to use Node.js/ExpressJS with sessions to save user state.

Super JavaScript Developer Tools

I recently spent time setting up my developer environment for Hack Reactor bootcamp. Using the right tools can massively increase your productivity!

I recommend these Super JavaScript Development Tools…

Hello World!

Obligatory first post! Time to start writing!